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Welcome to the Jakub Stefano Collection, a tribute site to the Czech model. I hope you enjoy this growing collection of photos and videos. Please return again soon to enjoy more of this fabulous collection of the best of Jakub Stefano.

About Jakub Stefano

Jakub Stefano (real name Jakub Bandoch) was born in Brno, in the Czech Republic, on March 23, 1985. At the age of 6 he moved to a smaller village in the countryside and started attending school and playing basketball. When he was 14 his father suggested he could start practicing some physical activity, so he started going to the gym, soon he started loving it and going almost every day.

At the age of 15 he started attending high school in Brno. The commute from his village to the school was quite a distance so he moved back to the bigger city, staying on his own. Later on he attended the Masaryk University.

He started working at 18 with Bel-Ami. They gave him the stage name of Dominque Bouquet, but he only did a few photo sessions for them and decided not to continue. So he started modelling for other studios and websites like All American Guy and Male Perfection.

In 2005 he won the "Man of the Year" contest in Brno. He went on to reach the final 12 of the national Czech Republic finals. This opened his way into the modelling industry. His first experience was for Bruno Bannani underwear. Then he got a contract for G-Star and started travelling to the United States.

He currently spends his time travelling between Brno and Los Angeles, trying to break into the difficult world of fitness modelling and also some small acting roles. He can also be seen working as a chat host on several websites, so if you would like to chat to the man himself now you can!

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